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Some Facts About Pit Bulls

This breed seems more often than not to fall victim to negative stereotypes and there have been several attempts over the years to come with breed specific legislation against pit bulls. However, these pieces of legislation have been reversed in some parts of the world after the realization, the breed was not issue but humans were the problem. There was tendency by some unscrupulous people to take advantage of the strength, agility, trainability and loyalty of pit bulls  to train them for underground dog fights and other undesirable activities . This perpetuated the view that pit bulls are very aggressive dogs. It is largely for this reason they were unreasonably ostracized.

Here are some facts

  • The complete name is American Pit bull Terrier
  • They were created by breeding terrier dogs with bulldogs in an effort to combine the terrier’s agility with the strength of the bulldog.
  • They are highly trainable, athletic and very versatile.
  • They have a very protective nature.
  • They can be very strong willed. The owner has to be firm but gentle. It is important for the dog to know that you are the boss and this can be done without any cruel training methods.
  • They usually reach the full size at 12 months
  • Regular exercise is a must especially in the morning
  • They can be used as therapy dogs.
  • If you have allergies, this breed can cause some sneezing.
  • The life span range is 8 to 15 years.
  • In world war one, they were a symbol of American patriotism and strength.

This really is a breed to be celebrated and admired.


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