Sloth Facts!

You have to love family. They say the most interesting things. This morning one of my family members called me a sloth. (Take inspiration from every available source.) So I jumped from the facts I was looking up to facts about sloths.

Sloths only poop once a week and it’s a process! Check it out!

Their toes are really claws and their only real defense.

The main predators are jaguars, snakes, and eagles.

Sloths are camouflaged be a green algae that grows on them.

Sloths are excellent swimmers.

Sloths move about 13 feet in a minute when they are really moving along.

In the wild sloths sleep about nine hours a day, perhaps so their algae can grow!

In the wild they live up to about 35 to 40 years. (If the predators stay away).

Since my family deemed me sloth. I think I will now at 6:55 am, crawl slowly back to bed and take myself a little nap. I am sure they can take care of breakfast, gettting the garbage cans out and perhaps even getting the dishes done. (Wow I must already be dreaming!)


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