Signs You’re Overly Attached to Your Dog

Do you refer to your dog as your child? Do you only go to restaurants that are dog-friendly? When was the last time you went out anywhere WITHOUT your dog? As any pet parent knows, it’s extremely easy to become a bit too involved with your dog’s life. But what else is there for us dog lovers to do? We’re all guilty of going a little too far for the sake of our one true love. Here are four signs to tell if you may be a bit overly attached to your pet dog.

Your Dog Has More Clothing Than You Do

“Oh my god, that outfit would look so cute on my pet dog!” is a sentence uttered by you all too frequently. You probably have more Halloween costumes for your dog than years you have been alive, and it doesn’t just stop there. Your love for dogs has turned you into a compulsive shopper. From raincoats, booties, vests, top hats, and bow ties, you own it all! Maybe you even have a separate closet just for your pet’s outfits. Like the dog lover that you are, you’ve definitely worn a matching outfit or two, and not only on special occasions. Every holiday is just an excuse to put your pet dog into a new themed costume- you’re at the point where you’ve started celebrating Arbor Day and Presidents Day a little too seriously, just for that cute photo.

You Love Your Dog so Much You Created a Doppelgänger of him

You know you’re obsessed with your dog when you just have to have an exact lookalike of him! Petsies are handmade custom stuffed animals that look just like your pet. It’s the ultimate companion for dog lovers so you can get double the cuddles!

Your Friends Know More About Your Dog’s Life Than Your Own

Whenever your dog makes a new friend, knocks over something precious, or even yawns adorably, your friends must know immediately. You tell them everything that your baby does, to the point where your friends are actually your pet dog’s friends. You’ve stopped complaining about work or detailing accounts of your love life in favor of tales about dog care and other survival stories. In fact, your dog is your love life.

Your Social Media is their Social Media

Your Instagram feed and Facebook wall are littered with photos and videos of your pet dog. Selfies are a thing of the past, instead, your Snapchat stories feature your pet dog running around the kitchen, licking your face, or even simply sneezing. You follow all the famous pet pages, like Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, and even have his Petsies Stars that you love to feature in your IG stories. Your social media is in a constant state of cute overload, which is perfect for bad days and good days alike.

As every dog lover knows, your pet dog is your EVERYTHING! You’ve spent countless hours hanging out with your best friend, and you know that they will always be there for you when you need them. When it comes down to it, maybe you are a bit overly attached to your pet dog. But we know you wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

Author Bio: Michelle Furmansky is a guest blogger for Petsies. You can usually find her curled up with a book in the backyard or dancing the night away, but she always starts her morning scrolling through the latest generation of creations!


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  1. There really are people who have exaggerated with their dogs.They do not realize that the dog is tortured when they are in the dresses … they wear sunglasses .. when they are wearing shoes ..These people want a dog to replace a child..They want to compensate for something in life that they did not have ..Unfortunately, dogs must suffer this.

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