Seagull Facts

We have a lot of seagulls around here. In fact,  we have so many that we have a seagull as our state bird. It seems odd that the California Seagull is the state bird of Utah, but stranger things have happened. So if you are preparing for the big facts quiz. If you read and remember you are sure to get them all correct.

The world’s biggest bird was a prehistoric seagull with a 24ft wingspan that could fly at 10m per second.

Seagulls can drink salt water, as well as fresh water, as they possess exocrine glands located in supraorbital grooves of the skull by which salt can be excreted through the nostrils to assist the kidneys in maintaining electrolyte balance.

Baseball player Dave Winfield killed a seagull with a baseball during a game and was subsequently arrested for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.


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Written by Ghostwriter