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Saturday's Critters – Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and they are smart,  I took the photo of this small dog at Beyhel’s Beach West Auckland and it isn’t mine. ^he dogs love going for walks with their owners and are only too happy to retrieve a stick and bring it back, Where could you get that?

I once had some neighbours who got a dog to be a guard dog. It was an old dog 10 yrs labrador and something else. They went to work the dog would cry and I took their dog inside, used to  walk every where with thing, he was called,”Luther” He did everything I told him to do.I loved that dog. Oneday we all had to move and I never saw him again,

This is “Claire”, my friend Madeleine walks her neighbour’s dog, She not only walks but is a very good swimmer.

I have seen a small fox terrier that ate peeled mandarins on an orchard as a child. The owner walked peeled a manderine off a fruit tree and the dog caught it and ate it.

I met another man who had to put fences around his lemon tree because his dog would eat all the lemons,

Today I learned about Nigel, a smaller dog than a cat who loves eating money. I guess Nigellwould not last long as a bank manager! The owners cat Harry climbed into places to find money for Nigell. The dog passed money when he sowed his midnight soil.

My sister has dogs that will not let you sleep in past 6 am, they are hungry and will lick your face until you get out of bed to give them their dog roll.

I love dogs they must be registered in New Zealand, some even have them micro chipped and must regularly visit the vet for dog issues

Somebpeople want a dog buy a puppy and then don’t want it so they dump it and the dog is abandoned. A car hits the dog and the bone gets broken and sets out of place, has internal issues and cant eat food and dies

Some pinch dogs for illegal dog fights and people bet on which one wins. Its against the law but mean people do it to dogs 

Some people have dogs for the blind, to be companions, police dogs, watch dogs, drug dogs, and even rat dogs to help bird sanctuaries. Now dogs can be said to detect cancer. 

Once I went to care for a man with spinal bifida and he srapped his dog Rosie to his wheelchair and they would go out together. Like dog and cart. She was a pit ball terrier but really friendly’


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Very nice poster and beautiful pictures, dear Pamela … I never had an animal, because I had such a job that I was a little at home … but if you have an animal, you have to take care of it too well

  2. We are all part and parcel of the earth and each life has its place. I believe we can all help each other. Being able to think outside the square you can find solutions.
    Sometimes animals are smarter than people and other times not

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