Red Tide Algae Prompts State of Emergency in Florida

A species of algae known as ‘red tide’ algae has caused the declaration of a state of emergency in Florida due to recent damages it has been causing on the state’s ocean life. This species of algae blooms around this time every year with fast spreading blooms across waters in the state but the damage it has caused this year is most detrimental.

The algae produces reddish brown coloured waters and releases toxins which kills whenever consumed. Tens of thousands of fishes and other marine creatures have been washed up on shore due to effects of the deadly toxins released by the algae including tons of fishes, dolphins, manatees and even a 26 ft long whale shark.

The effects of this is considered to be immense in nature as it is causing tourist to turn away from the state of Florida and in response the governor has assigned scientist to try to find a way to get rid or reduce the effects of this deadly toxin as it is even becoming a threat to human life since its concentration in the surrounding could harm individuals. It is reported that the toxin can be transmitted airborne to humans and cause respiratory problems and others and this is causing a state wide fright as everyone is hoping the situation will take a turn as soon as possible.

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