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Recycling that takes some work

I always like to save the Earth, but the recycling bins in my city have disappeared!  So what to do with all the cardboard, newsletters,  and food cardboard boxes?  Well if you have a cat, like I do, so I tear up the paper into very small pieces and put it in her litter box.  She does her business there and then I just scoop it all up and throw it away.  I have found a “Second Life” for the paper.  If I had a garden,  and lived on the ground floor, then I would use it again as mulch.  Any takers? 

What do you think?

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  1. Well, you can also create your own paper by tearing it up and leaving it in water.

    you can bleach it first and then put a dye in the mixture with an old cake mixer that works.

    After a few days you need a square wire mesh to sieve it out and put it out to dry with the air circulating…

    That really takes some work…

    Or you can use it with some type of PVA glue and mould it to a surface and create a paper mâché object…of choice

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