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Record breaking heat in San Diego County..

Last week it finally heated up around the county. A town nearby reached 117 degrees for a record breaker.  It was even over 100 degrees at the beach. 

We decided to take all the dogs to Santa Margarita River in our northern part of SD county. 

It was an overcast day, which made for some really cool reflections in the water. 

The pictures below have gone to the dogs!! I hope you enjoy checking out our swimming day. The dogs spent most of the time in the water! 

I used this one for the cover, his name is Keizer and is my sons dog. He is a cool mix, great dane mixed with husky. Makes for one big ole happy lug.. 

He has heterochromia. Two different colored eyes. 

So does Luna, my Doberman Australian Shepherd mix. She is now 5 months old. 

It is so green here! They are looking for the wolf.. (My other mixed breed dog) They cannot keep up with her, and have to keep on locating her.. It’s a tough job.

This is Lily my sons Doberman Pinscher, with Luna tagging along behind. 

The dogs spot the wolf, behind the trees on the other side of the River. She went up that trail… There are three dogs in this shot. See the doberman ahead of the red dog? You can just barely see her head. Luna swims about half way but can’t be that far from her humans..She keeps close still. 

Lily found the wolf! It’s hard to find her. Look at Lily’s expression if you can see it. lol 

Then the wolf crosses..

And she reaches the shore. Her coat looks so smooth..

Until she shakes. lol

Time to go back across the river to hunt that rabbit. 

The older dogs treat her like such a puppy. lol They left her to go hunting on the other side..

Luna is really good at amusing herself though..

She decided to dig holes by the bank and watch them fill in with water. lol She did this for about an hour.

Holes dug, now time for it to fill..

They older dogs never caught that pesky wabbit..

All in all, it was a very nice day and so cool in the dark shade by the waters edge. 

I hope you enjoyed these, and have a great day! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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