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Premeditated Luck – Yes Indeed!

We make our own luck.

Photographs often feel lucky when you get them out of the camera because they often are. I believe that the chances of a “lucky image” can be increased. Some of this starts before you aim the camera.

The angle of this shot and how I framed it was fortuitous. The background was in bright sunlight compared to the squirrel in deep shade. I could have taken a shot from some other angle. I could have zoomed in less. The squirrel could have had a little less exposure. I’ve had “happy accidents” with overexposed bokeh before. I took several pictures of this guy with few adjustments. All this happened automatically almost. Without realizing it we rely on our experience.

So where was it that I made my luck? I know this guy. He comes around once in a while to visit a bird feeder. I knew if I tossed a couple of raw almonds on the ground that he would grab one and run to the tree branch to eat it. I set up the camera beforehand and was ready to snap a lot of pictures. That  the squirrel looks so pleased had nothing to do with me. That was pure luck. However, I was able to get several versions of different poses that increased my chances because I was ready and waiting.


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