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Pit Bull takes a snake bite for her owner

Even though the Pit Bulls get a bad rap from the mainstream media which in my view is unfair since dogs react to the way they are brought up by their owners by puppies since I have firsthand experience when my relatives and myself went to animal shelters to adopt a dog many years ago.

If there is one great quality of Nellie, who is a five year old female Pit Bull, is that she is willing to sacrifice her life to defend her owner who is Jane Taylor who adopted Nellie six months when Nellie was taken away from an animal shelter in California by a small volunteer rescue organization called “Final Frontier Rescue Project.” four years ago.

Nellie showed off her loyalty to her owner Jane when they went for a hike in a rock dome in Texas, when Nellie and Jane were returning to her auto on a path that was not safe to walk on, a rattlesnake appeared.

Jane panicked when she saw the rattlesnake, Nellie stood between her owner and had a brief battle with the rattlesnake which ended with Nellie getting bit on her face. 

Thanks to a close friend who was with Jane, they managed to carry Nellie to her auto and take her to a local veterinarian so Nellie could be cured by being treated with antibiotics and antivenom after her incident with the rattlesnake which happened in March.

Thanks to the quick actions of Jane and her friend to take Nellie to the veterinarian to be cured from her rattlesnake bite, Nellie is making a full recovery.

Nellie will be in the company of Jane for the future since Nellie is moving from Texas to Hawaii shortly to take care of her parents.

Rule of thumb is to never judge a dog based on the reputation of their breed. Their loyalty to their owners who raise them with love is priceless.


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