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Photos of My Dachshunds Bella and Fred

I have two dachshunds Bella and Fred.  I love these two rescue dogs with all my heart.  They have become a big part of my family.  I would like to share some of the latest photos of Bella and Fred with you.

Photos and content by  Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie   ©2017 all right reserved

My Three Babies

It was very hard to take a photo of the three of them together.  I never did get one where someone was not moving.

My son Mark with Bella

Bella is my son's dog.  She goes crazy when he comes into the room.  She will bark until my son picks her up.

Fred The Gentleman

Fred in his top hat.  He was not too happy about wearing.

Don’t Take My Picture!

Fred was not happy about the top hat.  He did not want me to take pictures of him.  I only got a couple of photos and I took the hat off of him.

Happy Fred

After taking photos of Fred he decided, to take a nap.  He was vey happy that he did not have to wear his top hat.

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