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Pets Can Die From a Heart Attack


My daughter Stacy always knew when to take any of our cats to the vet. She thought our cat Charmin had been acting too tired. Stacy called the veterinarian and explained the situation, and we were told to come and have him checked out right away.

They took Charmin in the back, trying to get some blood. He was getting highly agitated when we were with him, so they thought trying to get blood from him would be easier without us around. Well, what happened still has us in shock. We kept hearing Charmin squalling, and this went on for a long time. Then, all of a sudden no more sounds at all came from the back room, but what we heard next will forever put a hole in our hearts.

The veterinarian came into our room and said,” Sorry, but I have bad news, Charmin had a heart attack.” You can imagine that we were speechless. The vet told us that it was not due to the fact that he had been squalling around so long, that it just happens sometimes.

I really believe from my heart that if they would have stopped trying to get his blood he wouldn’t have had a heart attack. I do not think animals should get upset any more than I feel humans should get upset.

I just want to hopefully prevent this from happening to anyone else s pet. I know all pets have got time to leave this world, but sometimes it can be prevented. If you feel your pet is suffering needlessly, then say something.

The veterinarian tried his best to control him. Pet owners know their pets in a way they could never understand them.  Our pets need care from a veterinarian, but remember to share as much information about your pets as possible. Then maybe your pet will not suffer a heart attack due to becoming too upset.

I can’t be sure if letting our cat Charmin stay upset for so long caused the heart attack, but I will always wonder if we would have told them to stop upsetting him if he would still be alive.

If you as pet owners ever feel concerned about anything never assume your thoughts are invalid. Your pets can’t talk, so they squall, and the veterinarian may not know what he is trying to say, but you just might.

Observe, and talk to your veterinarian whenever you have a concern. It takes teamwork to help your pets live a long and healthy life.


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  1. I mourn your loss, LaJenna. Ten days before the new year, Susie looked lethargic, emaciated and very reluctant to eat, she looked very anxious and difficult to sleep. My family and I are very sad to see that she is sick, lucky after well treated she has recovered. So, I can feel your loss, though, throughout our lives, we have experienced this kind of loss many times.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I would never take an animal back to that vet. Careless or uncaring handling didn’t help. Again, I am so sorry. Thank you for getting the word out and hopefully this will save many pets in the future.

  3. yeah, and most pets don’t like the vets anyway, like many people don’t like going to the doctors. he probably got stressed at the vet office. maybe you should have stayed in the room so your cat might have been more relaxed, making him feel comfortable by hearing your voice near him. i think nowadays they are letting the owner go inside the examining room with the doctor and pet so the pet won’t be too nervous or scared.

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