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Our Dog Abe

Our Dog Abe (2018-06-15 17-24-12a)

Abe is taking a rest out on our back parch. He’s a mutt, a mixture of Chou, German Shepherd, Black Lab and Rottweiler. He’s about 13 years old. We aren’t sure of his exact age because we got him from the city pound where he was picked up as a stray. That was about 8 years ago. We got him after my wife and daughter saw him on the Web page the pound had set up for him. The next day we went down and picked him up.

He’s a strange dog. He has what the vet called inappropriate vocalizations. Basically that means you can’t tell if he’s happy or upset from the noises he makes. They are the same for both. This tends to scare people who don’t know him especially since he is on the large size – about 90 pounds.

The photo was taken with a Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone in RAW mode. I used ACDSee Ultimate 2018 to remove part of a chair leg that was sticking into the frame, adjust the lighting and the white balance, raise the contrast, vibrance and clarity and sharpen a bit. Then I cropped a bit.

Photo © 2018 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.


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    • Thanks, Pamela. I’d pass on your compliments to him but he just had an accident in the dining room and we’re not on speaking terms at the moment.

  1. Very nice image of Abe. My Rocko was a strange one too but he passed a few months ago he was also 13 years< He was a mutt too -German shepherd mix.