One dog saves his buddy from drowning in a pool in Arizona

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If there is one thing I have learned about dogs, it is that they are not only great watchdogs that care of their owners, they are also useful to assist their fellow canine when they fall into a swimming pool and have a devil of a time trying to get out.

Case in point was when Smokey and Remus who are close friends or maybe brothers were running around the swimming pool in the backyard of Jay and his wife Laurie Becerra who live in Show Low Arizona..

Smokey fell into the swimming pool. Now since Smokey is the not canine version of any superstar swimmer, he had a tough time trying to get out of the pool.

Remus saw what was happening to Smokey. Remus then jumped into the pool and managed to get behind Smokey by pushing him from behind so Smokey could get out of the pool and into safe ground once again.

Laurie placed the video of the heroic act of Remus saving Smokey from drowning in the on May 1 on Facebook to see how many people liked the act of her pet Remus.

The video was a huge hit on Facebook since it is evident that Facebook allows videos of animal rescues on their site.

The Becerras have on their backyard a camera that records any event that happens at their home. It paid off big time that Remus who in the words of Laurie “Has a heart of gold.”


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