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Older Dogs Need Love

I have a thing for older dogs.  I just love their gray faces. My love for older dogs started with a sweet little dog named Leelee. Leelee was my rescue dog. I had her for six and half years before she passed away in March.

I treasure my memories of Leelee. This video is one of only a few that I have of Leelee. She is enjoying a Luden’s here.

Leelee was nine years old when we rescued her.  Older dogs need lots of love. This older dog got lots of love and gave it back. She is greatly missed.

Keeping true to my words and heart. I have once again adopted another older dog. Another dachshund named Fred. Fred is a dachshund and basset hound mix. He is 12 years old. I have fallen in love with this old guy.

If you are looking to add a pet to your home, think about adopting an older dog. Older dogs need love, too. They give you so much love in return.

Photo and video by  Lady Nightwave Brenda Marie   ©2017 all right reserved


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  1. I know. I adopted my cat when he was almost 9 because his human died of cancer. They lived in my townhomes association but I didn’t know either one of them. The cat is still with me, and he is now 17. I am hoping he is healthy and he will make it into his 20s. He is now an indoor cat, and I bought him a 6-foo t cat tree because he likes to climb.

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