Nov. 10th to 12th is Animal Adoption Weekend

Saturday, November 11, 2017


While on Facebook, browsing and scrolling down my page, I noticed a weekend event at Petsmart Charities Everyday Adoption Center. The SPCA-LA is promoting this event for this weekend of November 10th to 12th, where adoption fees will be $18.77 in Pico Rivera, California. This event might be happening in the LA area only, but I hope that other cities, states and countries are doing similar events to find good homes for homeless animals.

A former adoptee, Gumby D’Arcy, who was actually adopted from a neighbor that died, is the Spokesmodel for adopted animals who are now spoiled pets. In this photograph, he enjoys sits inside the room of his 6-foot cat tree. He enjoys climbing this cat tree, preferring mostly to sit on the highest level. Since he rarely sits in this cat tree room, I had decided to quickly take some snapshots. As you can tell from his window view, it appears to be taken during the autumn season because of the colorful trees in the background. But this pictures is not recent. It was probably taken around 5 autumns ago.

The Bunny World Foundation also have an adoption event this weekend to find good homes for cute and sweet bunny rabbits as pets. I hope they all get good homes somewhere.


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