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Nest with stork in Borca.

Robin Biznis July 2.2019 Belgrade. Serbia.

On a single roof in the Borca there is a nest of stork.

I guess the urban environment does not suit birds.

Only two kilometers away from the winding nest, the Danube River flows.

Birds can find enough food for themselves and for their posterity.

This year in the nest there are two adult stork and two small birds.

The cover picture does not show all birds.

 The male of  stork stands lonely on the roof and watches, keeps the nest.

The youngsters lay in the nest and the mother stands above them and makes them shade, shielding them from the strong sun.

At the time I made a photography in the hall was 36 Celsius.

On a roof that knows, maybe 50 Celsius.

There’s this nest for this house for 20 years.

                                    These photos make  when the stork arrived two months ago.

I’m sorry that we are still somewhere nesting in my place .

And every year I look at them .


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