National Hug Your Cat Day was June 4th

Saturday, 6.5.21

While on Linkedin, I noticed that Friday, June 4th was National Hug Your Cat Day. My cat demands attention every day of his life. But it was interesting that on Friday, after the movie when I arrived home, I noticed someone’s cat entering my pathway to my townhouse. He just sat in the bushes, meowing, and I decided to give him a handful of cat dry food and bowl of water. He ate all the dry food, but didn’t touch the water, before he disappeared. He wasn’t homeless because he was wearing a pet collar with a tag or something hanging from it. I feel sorry for outdoor cats. I think they just need attention, and they often go wandering in the street and begging for attention and food from strangers. Sometimes, these strangers tend to be the wrong people…

Gumby is happy that he doesn’t have to worry about that kind of life anymore. He lives inside of a warm and comfy home, he has food and water, and he has a 6 ft cat tree he loved, especially when he was younger. 


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