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Monkeys in Monkey Jail

At one time there was a monkey jail. Perhaps those of you living in India might know about such wild monkeys. This was in 2004 that a rogue monkey began terrorizing the residents of Patiala in the northern Punjab region of India. The monkey committed various crimes such as stealing food from homes, tearing the buttons off of shirts, threatened children with bricks, and once even stole math textbooks and a calculator. Therefore this monkey was sentenced to “monkey jail” reserved just for ill-behaving monkeys.

This monkey jail was set up in the corner of a local zoo and was open from 1996 until the mid-2000s. It was a 15 ft. wide barred cell that was secured with a chain-link fence and wire mesh. A sign was put up that the monkeys there were dangerous and not to approach.

The city of Punjab has many wild Rhesus macaque monkeys and many of them come into the city looking for food. It is unfortunate that people keep destroying their natural jungle habitats. Some of them were once used as animal guards or trained performing monkeys. They have been known to destroy property and even attack people. They cannot be harmed because Hindus revere Hanuman, the monkey god and it is forbidden to do so.

So it was the wildlife officers opened the monkey jail by 2004 the jail held 13 monkeys. When the jail was finally closed authorities chose to create a reform school where the monkeys would be trained to be less aggressive.


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