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Mice Are Back…

Monday, 12.30.19

Today, I woke up early enough to make it to yoga class. But I still had to go to the gas station. After feeding Gumby, I noticed he was playing around with something. I watched him for a while and I noticed a mouse squirming around. No wonder last night he was sitting quietly in the kitchen, waiting for something. I thought he was hungry, but he was actually working the night shift. 

The mice are unfortunately back. I hope Gumby gets them all, or they just leave. 

When I arrived at the mall, I noticed the mall was crowded because it was still holiday. The weather was cloudy, but not really cold. After one hour of yoga, I returned home, and Gumby was just bathing himself in his catbed. I wonder what happened to the mouse or mice…


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  1. Good for Gumby getting the mice. I have a country rat in my kitchen and today I shone a flashlight in the space he comes and goes through and there are two cans of some kind of food there. Completely closed cans but I don’t know what they are or how he got them in there and I cannot get them out lol

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