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Marsh Harrier ~ Marsh Hawk ~ Northern Harrier

The call of the marsh hawk or northern harrier isn’t melodic, but it is quite similar to the sound that many other raptors make. Marsh hawks often call as they are flying and not just during the breeding season. The call isn’t particularly loud, so many people might hear it and not even think of what they are hearing.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. The Marsh Hawk breeds in many parts of the United States, as well as beyond our limits to the north and south in which it finds a place suited to its habits; as is the case with the Blue-winged Teal, and several ether species, which have until now been supposed to retreat to high latitudes for the purpose. That many make choice of the more northern regions, and return southward in autumn, is quite certain; but in all probability an equal number remain within the confines of the United States to breed.

    • A lot of people around here have had the same thing, including our pastor. It is yucky and it lingers. Don’t push yourself to get out too soon. I did that with the same bug and although I didn’t get pneumonia, I had a hacking cough that took me 8 weeks to get over. If I’d taken it easier, I might have been over it in half the time. Four weeks is still too long.

      • Awe, poor guy! I hope he went to the doctor. I did push myself too much, I tried working for a whole week with this. Probably why it went to pneumonia. Frowns..
        Four weeks is way too long, and eight with a hacking cough must of been brutal. Good to see you are better now. 🙂

        • He resisted going to the doctor, but his wife insisted. It was to the point that he almost passed out after delivering a sermon. His wife was rather insistent. He was one of four people I know of in our congregation that ended up with pneumonia and all because they continued to push it and do too much work when they were sick. Walking pneumonia is nasty stuff.

          • That is good to hear. Good wife!
            My receptionist made me leave finally. She thought I was going to pass out a few times. I finally gave in. Good thing I did. I think walking pneumonia is worse than just regular pneumonia. I’ve had both now.


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