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Louis our Budgie

Meet Louis, he is part of our family. A very cheeky bird and with personality plus. I first got him from Bird Rescue in Green Bay Auckland. I went with my cage to see Lyn Macdonald to see if she would approve of his new home.

She gave me the bird in exchange of a donation to Bird Rescue and I was happy to pay. Louis was once with another budgie and they fought savagely against each other. So one had to go and that was Louis. When he came home it was if he raised his eyebrows and looked really angry. I suppose I wouldn’t feel so good in his position. I told him now, this was his home and he was here to stay.

Anyway over the years, he has become very friendly. Loves company and when we have to go out, we leave the radio on for him. He is a permanent “Shrink” and listens and talks in budgie language. He has a soothing voice.

Here are some photos over the years.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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