Linjak-tench beautiful fish

Robin Biznis May 28

Today I represent a really nice fish and at the same time very delicious for fir. Of course for those who like to eat fish. It is about Linjak Lat.Tinca Tinca, Kind Tinca, Family Cyprinidae

Linjak belongs to Cyprinidae fish, which means that he lives in peaceful parts of rivers, bars and lakes. You can get a shortage of oxygen in the water. It lives in shallow blurry water that contains many aquatic plants and belongs to typical bar fish. Usually he lives at the bottom, and he does not leave him, but in his quest for food.

Linjak is similar to most carp fish, and is also a member of this most numerous family Linjak is a beautiful fish, the only problem is cleaning the scrub that is very small and beautiful, as with Bandar I have already written okay. The funnel is a specific and heavy fish for fishing. If it is not targeted, then it is caught randomly because we hunted Saran –Cyprinus carpio or some other fish. Linjak is a floating fish, on the water you have to be calm and not to create noise, because if he has it, he will move away from you. It’s hunted on a float, baits are used for worms, worms, and the larva of mosquitoes is best shown. The accessories should be strong but the base nylon must be thinner and durable. Lynch when caught is struggling strongly and strongly. It is a pleasure to every fisherman, Must be obliged to accept the fishermen net.

According to our Serbian fishing laws, Linjak is a protected species. And that’s why after every captured Linjak, the same must return to the water. Because of his delicious and little fat meat of the last decade he was massively hunted by all means. And allowed and forbidden That is why I am a sports fisherman, and we are committed to the fact that Linjak is still present in our waters. This way the next generation will be able to enjoy hunting for this beautiful fish. In the picture you see the Linjaka caught by my colleague. It was roughly 600 grams and, of course, after painting, he was returned to his environment.


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    • Linjak / Tinca tinca / is a river fish that can be found in the rivers of Europe and Asia.
      Maybe that’s why you never saw her.
      Believe me, there are many fishermen in my country who have never taken that fish.
      She’s hard to crawl.

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