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Kungfu Tied At His Neck

This afternoon I was acquainted with Kungfu. A very cute little cat. Here’s the story:

I just visited my youngest sister today. As soon as we arrived, Cotton, the dog that I gave to my sister because my oldest daughter was allergic to fur, jumped up ask to get carried up and cradled in my arms. At the time I was carrying Cotton while entering the family room, I saw on the back porch there was a little cat chasing the broom used by my sister’s housekeeper.

#5 My wife and I with the new brides.

"It's so sad when I found him, it's very weak and we never know how long he has been there in that situation, but apart from that, I was very sad because of that then I remembered how when the doctor claimed that I had cancer at the time. His legs also have a disorder that's made him little hard to walk!"

My youngest sister has been shown to have breast cancer less than one month before her wedding day until that important day has to be postponed, but was done held on May 3, 2017, ago, two months later after undergoing surgery and intensive care.

#6 So cute, isn’t he?

"You call him Kungfu? Very funny" I said to divert the discussion so that she is no longer sad.

About the tied cat I remember a story from a book “THE SONG OF THE BIRD” by Anthony de Mello S. J., like this:


Each time the guru sat for worship with his students the ashram cat would come in to distract them, so he ordered them to tie it when the ashram was at prayer.

After the guru died the cat continued to be tied at worship time. And when the cat expired, another cat was brought into the ashram to make sure that the guru ’s orders were faithfully observed at worship time.

Centuries passed and learned treatises were written by the guru ’s scholarly disciples on the liturgical significance of tying up a cat while worship is performed.


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