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Kitten World

Presenting to you four kittens who I am not sure lost their mittens. However, they are alive and well and just learning about the world. The one with mostly black fur and two black eyes is Blackie, the one with white fur and one black eye is Hopalong, white fur and white face Charlie, and the odd one of the group is all gray Rambo. Rambo looks like what my cat Sid would have looked like when he was a kitten. Today Sid at 13 could be Rambo’s grandpa. 

Blackie and Charlie down for the count. 

Blackie just relaxing.

Charlie taking a look at my daily journal and probably hoping for some inspiration. 

Just popping up to take a peak is Hopalong. 

Rambo reading my poetry. I wonder what he thinks?


What do you think?


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