Introducing Thunder and Mystic

Our daughter’s cat had to be put down and one of our cats had to be put down, with the two events happening within 3 weeks of each other. This left quite a void. As it happened, though, one of our daughter’s coworkers told our daughter (who incidentally goes by the name of Cat) that she was frantically trying to find homes for some kittens.

Our daughter came home with a dark tortoise-shell calico kitten that she named Mystic, to help fill the void left by the passing of her cat, Fiona. Cat then asked me if I wanted a kitten, so we went back and got one of the other kittens. It is a black fuzzball who complained and grumbled the whole way home. I named her Thunder because of her constant rumbling.

Buddies, pals, and sisters

Here is the two of them again, purr-fectly content to take a nap right where they are. Of course, they simply must recharge their batteries so they can again go on a quest to attack monsters, dust motes, and each other. The other pets simply act as if to say, "Whatever."

Quite a pair

The kittens made themselves right at home. This is the two of them, taking a snooze after a couple of hours of hard playtime, attacking make-believe monsters, motes of dust, and each other. They are sleeping in my daughter's chair after Cat went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Apparently, they have already decided who rules the home.

This morning, the water dish was empty. Thunder figured out a way to let us know about it. She curled up in the water dish and played with the spout of the jug. Again, she knows that we are watching her, so she's hamming it up to make a point. Considering how she acts with a water dish, I can't wait to see what she does the first time we have an empty box.

Taking a picture of Thunder

In this instance, it wasn't hard to take a picture of thunder, though there was absolutely no lightning. This is after another round of playtime. I'm not sure where Mystic was when this was taken, but Thunder is again in Cat's chair. She is laying on curtains she pulled out of the window during her play. Apparently, she was looking for monsters but didn't find any, so she's safe for the moment. 

Stretched out Thunder

Thunder seems to love stretching out as far as she can. The camera angle is from above her, so she is actually laying on her side, but is as snug against the arm of the chair as she can get. This was actually taken when the first picture was taken. Neither kitten so much as twitched when I was moving around and taking pictures. They aren't the slightest bit concerned, though they were well aware of me moving around. Both of these kittens have distinct personalities that are different than the two pets we lost, but they are definitely fitting in.

This morning

This was taken this morning, of Thunder just saying, "Hi!" The little dog in the background is my wife's baby, Angel. Angel isn't sure what to think of Thunder, but Thunder is totally unconcerned about the dog. In fact, Thunder and Mystic are totally unconcerned about our son-in-law's black lab, though both of the kittens are tiny. 

Thunder and Mystic are little cuties that often cause cuteness-overload, but we don't mind a bit. They will never be able to take the place of the cats that we've lost, but they are both doing their best to help with the pain of grief.

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Written by Rex Trulove

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