Industrious Crows

Reading about various birds and animals I learned some new things. Crows are very industrious if they need to get insects out of a log they are able to work with sticks and twigs until they have gotten the right kind of instrument they need to get to those insects.

What do you think a crow does if it finds a walnut? It will pick up the walnut with its beak and actually drop it in front of a moving vehicle to crack it. Then the crow will make use of scrap paper to gather the walnut pieces together.

In researches done on crows, it was discovered that they are industrious enough to actually build compound tools. Crows have the ability to link together small objects and by doing this they create a stick that is the right length to get to their desired food source.


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  1. i leave shiny things on our deck for the Ravens. They love them, But when it is time for them to gather and make noise, they don’t both our house.

    Ravens honor those that honor them. It is an important lesson!


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