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IKEA store in Italy allows stray dogs to stay inside during the winter

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I will say that I have heard of the furniture store IKEA who has store in America as well in other nations.

What I did not know is that an IKEA furniture store in Catania Italy has an owner who cares for dogs who are homeless in the city with no place to go during the winter months.

Whether IKEA is doing this as an act of compassion or to increase sales through the kind word of mouth via social media does not matter in this case.

The IKEA employees bring in the stray dogs by cleaning them, feed the dogs and give a nice warm bed to take their naps.

Due to the power of social media, the furniture store in Catania has gained a lot of new customers as well the good news that some of the dogs have been adopted by the employees if the store.

I am not sure if there is any other business that follows the practice of the IKEA store in Catania of allowing dogs inside their store to avoid freezing to death in the harsh winter around the world.

It would be a great idea for other stores around the world to follow the example of the Italian IKEA store. It would boost their sales higher than a kite.


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  1. What a great story and that doggy looks so comfortable. It is also great news that some of these strays have been adopted. I would like to do the same but unfortunately the building where I reside with my sister does not allow dogs. A stupid law I say but there is nothing I can do about it. One of these days when I finally get my own house I will open it to all the strays (except for snakes or spiders etc.) whether they be cats or dogs or squirrels or raccoons etc. I really would enjoy being busy with all the animals around me…hourray for IKEA…

  2. I didn’t know about this, but Catania is far from where I live anyway.
    I know stray dogs are quite common in that area, and I’m glad the store is doing its part to help. I’ve heard of smaller local stores giving food to the stray. I’m very proud and grateful when my countrymen do these charitable acts. And yes, it truly improves their reputation, and helps with sales.
    The sweetest thing was to hear some of the dogs were adopted too, by the employees! ?

  3. I guess it’s a win win situation, but the important thing is that the dogs won’t be cold. I have heard of some places in Greece and Turkey that allow stray dogs inside, but the customers should be open-minded too.


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