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Hurricane Cows Return

Many strange, tragic, and unusual things can happen during a hurricane. After hurricanes, such thing as Civil War cannonballs and 19th-century shipwrecks have been discovered on beaches.

After Hurricane Dorian was just a bad memory a surprising thing happened in North Carolina. To remind you this hurricane happened in 2019 August/September.  Three cows that were thought to be dead and gone were found calmly grazing some miles from their home on a shoreline, I must say animals are amazing to remain calm and do what is naturally after such a devastating experience.

Wild horses in the region of Cedar Island, a fishing community on the coast of North Carolina have adapted to surviving the hurricanes which come surging over the state. Unfortunately during Hurricane Dorian 17 cattle and 28 horse were swept away from the island.

It was feared that all of these animals were dead when as amazing as it might seem the three cows had survived. The first cow was found in Cape Lookout National Seashore one day after the storm and three weeks late two more cows turned up. The cattle that live on Cedar Island can swim but stormy waters can be treacherous. Now since the three cows have been found they can be returned to their home but if they cannot be returned for any reason they will become residents of Cape Lookout.


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