HSI & McCartney to Ban Global Fur in Fashion & Animal Testing

Tuesday, 6.29.21

Here is one of the Save Ralph videos to promote animal rights as well as ending animal cruelty and animal testing.

Celebrities, Influencers, and others have joined together to speak up for animal rights and end fur cruelty in the fashion industry.

In London, Stella McCartney and Humane Society International are working on ending worldwide fur cruelty. McCartney’s Autumn 2021 campaign—OUR TIME HAS COME—includes short film videos of many celebrities promoting fur-free clothing. Stella, Paul and Mary McCartney wore animal-head costumes while asking viewers to sign the HIS petition to end the usage of animal fur worldwide.

Moreover, Dame Judi Dench, who wore a bird costume, was in a video with celebrities—Leona Lewis, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kat Graham, Maggie Q, Rain Phoenix, Influencer Aaliyah Ramsay, Model Ariish, Megan Winstone(photographer), and activists Jack Harries and Ed Winters—to promote HIS’s petitions on their Instagram and Twitter pages. They urge everyone to sign the petitions and forward them everywhere to ban fur sales as well as globally end fur farming.

Domestic animals and wildlife need everyone’s help!

Save Animals Petition #1

Save Animals Petition #2

In Mexico City, Mexico, the Chamber of Deputies have outlawed animal testing for makeup as well as selling or importing beauty products that were tested on animals. They are creating a bill which is very close to becoming a law. Over 1.2 million people in Mexico signed petitions to support the ban to end animal testing and animal cruelty. 


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