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How and what the cats treat

It has long been known that cats can detect and treat the sick places of their owner. They lie there, purring and warming it with their bodies. In more serious cases, the cat may stand for hours in the sick place. Statistics show that cat lovers resort to medical services five times less often than those who do not have a kitten.

1. In cardiovascular diseases, the cat in the home reduces the risk of a recurrent myocardial infarction. Petting the pet is able to normalize blood pressure and heart rate. 2. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cat grooming is also useful for digestion. Short-haired cats best treat all stomach and genitourinary diseases.

3. In stress and fatigue Cats are able to take away fatigue, stress, migraine, lower blood pressure … For the best psychotherapists are recognized long-haired cats that help people suffering from insomnia, drowsiness and depression. Black cats take twice as much of the negative energy as those with other colors of the coat. Creamy-colored cats “tonify” our energy, and gray – soothing. White cats are recognized as the best doctors.

4. To increase immunity. If you listen to feline purring every day, this will positively affect your immunity. Scientists suggest that sweating is similar to ultrasound treatment, which accelerates wound healing and strengthens bones. Persian cats can treat joint pains. 5. Increase life expectancy People who have had cats in their home life live an average of 10.3 years longer than those who do not.

6. Cats and acupuncture. Cats can also act as an acupuncturist. When they lie down on you and start touching you, they release their nails and stimulate reflex zones, as in a true acupuncture session.

7. Cats Energy Information Selection According to bioenergy, the cat is a real energy information device. According to them, if the cat is often lying on his or her head, he may have hypertension or a tendency to headaches. If the pet lying on the left blade or shoulder, it speaks of heart problems. If the cat is lying on the cross, she “feels” kidney problems. And if he falls to his feet – the farmer has low blood pressure or he often gets cold.

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  1. We have several cats that love to sleep next to me and some of them have favorite ‘spots’ to lay. For instance, one of our cats loves to lay on the backs of my legs when I’m on my belly. It has done that since it was a kitten, 7 years ago. Another particular cat lays between me and the edge of the bed, at chest level, snug against me. It makes no difference if I’m on my back, belly, or one side or the other, that is ‘his’ place to sleep.

  2. This is true, I have heard more than one story about cats diagnosing illnesses. I also have first hand experience with this. My cat Nickel detects and tells me when my sugar gets too low, before I even know it during the daytime. If I am sleeping at night and it drops she will bounce on my chest until I wake up. Its amazing how animals can sense problems. Very informative post, now everyone go out and adopt a cat from your local shelter. grins.

  3. Somehow I believe you are right. Animals of any kind can pick up your emotions. One day in the vet clinic I had a huge bill to pay for a cat I used to have that was badly injured and 2 cats came up and purred around me and a dog came up and wagged it’s tail.

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