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Hooting Great Horned Owl

When I was a child and living at Crater Lake National Park, there was a great horned owl that used to call almost every night. My brother and I would ‘hoot’ back and it would answer. It was a really neat experience.

Living here in Montana, periodically we hear another great horned owl. I’ve never seen it, at least not yet, but it isn’t very far away when it calls. If you watched the video of the western screech owl, this one gives a really good comparison and it shows how different owl species can be easily identified by their call. Great horned owls sound quite different than screech owls.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • In a way, it isn’t strange, though. Most owls are nocturnal, most are difficult to see because of their coloration, they have a silent flight, and they are much more apt to be heard than to be seen.

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