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Honey Loving Bears

If you are a Winnie the Pooh fan then you know that bears love honey. Bears really are attracted to beehives but once they find one they’re not just satisfied with having the honey. They also love to eat the bees and the larvae that is inside.  All of these are good sources of protein and both brown and black bears just love them So you can understand how angry this makes bees.

Bears are brave and they’re willing to put up with being stung just to get the treats they’re looking for. The good part is that bees have a hard time penetrating the thick fur all over the bear’s body except for on their faces and ears. When the bear has had enough it shakes off the bees from its fur like it would be shaking off water.

While the bears might be happy the beekeepers of the world are not. In 2018 in both Finland and Estonia bears damaged over 370 beehives. The government of Finland did reimburse damages to the farmers. To try to control things electric fencing has been of some help but there are some bears who are so determined to get what they want this does not stop them and a brown bear got past the electric fencing and was able to feast from two beehives.

One inventive beekeeper in Turkey decided to let bears have a taste test so he would know which honey might be better than the rest. He set out four bowls of honey – flower honey, chestnut honey, Anzer honey, and one decoy cherry jam. A camera caught all the action and the Anzer honey won. It also proved that bears are real gourmets when it comes to honey because Anzur honey is one of the world’s most expensive kinds of honey.



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