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It might surprise you to hear dogs have allergies just like us. This includes allergies caused by seasonal changes, pests, and hypersensitivity to certain foods. All the same delightful things that cause us to sneeze, breakout, and itch, can affect our dogs in the same way.

Symptoms of Allergies in Dogs

Allergies affect 1 out of 10 dogs and are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Runny nose and eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy skin
  • Hot spots
  • Reaction to insect bites
  • Ear infection
  • vomiting/diarrhea

Home Remedies

If you expect that your dog may have allergies, the first thing you should do is have your veterinarian look at them. It’s important to isolate what is causing your dog’s immune system to overreact, especially if it’s a food allergy. Repeat exposure can cause long-term damage, and in some cases, an allergic dog can go into shock after their first time coming in contact with the allergy.


If the source causes a mild/harmless reaction, many pet owners forgo prescription medications to avoid any potential side effects. Instead, they choose to look for all-natural solutions. There are great pre-made solutions out there, or you can skip the cost of them and head into your kitchen. 


Oatmeal can be the most adaptable weapons in your arsenal of all-natural remedies for better health


What you want to do is run a lovely bath — that’s unfortunately not for yourself, but your dog. While the bath is filling up, throw a cup of oatmeal into a blender and grind until it’s a fine powder. Then after you’ve managed to your pup into the bathtub, simply rub the powered oatmeal over them after you’ve damped their fur. The oatmeal will help soothe their inflamed and irritated skin.

Aloe Vera

If you’ve used skin products in the past to help with breakouts or irritated skin, you’ve likely used aloe vera. It packs some fantastic anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties — plus, it smells great, and its cooling effect feels wonderful on the skin. You’ll want to confirm that the aloe vera you use on your dog is free of saponins. This chemical is naturally found in the plant and when consumed acts as a laxative. We thought it was best you knew this in advance.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has taken on a miracle cure status of late, and pet owners have found that it can help soothe irritated skin and keep pests away. ACV couldn’t be easier to use — just mix one part ACV to one part water into a spray bottle.

You can also use apple cider vinegar (same dilution as above) to clean your dog’s ears and fight infections.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Wild Alaskan Salmon oil is the preferred option by vets for preventing and reducing canine allergies. Wild Alaskan Salmon oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that can soothe sensitive skin. As well, it can help moisturize dry skin and even help with a runny nose caused by seasonal allergies.


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