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Hello to all of you!

I had to take a much needed break from Virily. Without going into too much detail, I have decided to just touch base with you all, and show you what I have been up to at home. San Diego county was put on stay at home orders once again, but the home dog grooming business is rockin! 

I have noticed some changes here. Like the follow button? That is super cool. Ill be finding you all and following. I am sure there are many new things that I just haven’t noticed yet, and I promise to not be such a stranger in the future. Seems like my nemesis is gone for good and that was really the only real problem I had here. 

Time to come back. 

Now, want to look as some really cool pups? Cool as in they are ready for summertime. It has just started warming up during the day enough to take off my jacket. lol Yes, it is the end of July, but on the beach in San Diego, we haven’t had many sunny or hot days. They are about to start though. Seems our hot month is August. The marine layer finally lifts and stays away most of the month, letting are desert air take over. I love August.   

#4 Waiting at the door…

I didn't have to cut any fur on this little guy. He is a pug and just came in for his nails and a quick bath. He needs to come back every two weeks to get his nails back in order. With the virus his nails got super long.

 They have a quick in side just like our quicks of are nails. Theirs grow long if the nails are not clipped on a regular basis. (unless they get enough walks to keep them down naturally) So, to keep from cutting into the quick, I trimmed right to the edge of it. 

If they come in every two weeks that quick will recede, and then we can get them cut back to normal. The nail should not touch the ground when in a stand resting position. 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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