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Hello, i’m parrot (part 2)

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To raise a parrot says, the most important thing is to feed him when he was young. You wait for the bird shop to sell parrots and ask a new parrot hatch out from the eggs, they have a healthy baby to carry on. The parrots will soon be very close to you and hear the words, no need for cages or chains.

Teaching parrots to speak human language is not easy, despite their ability to imitate very well. According to many years of raising the parrot, the first thing to do is to raise it from the moment it blooms. And when mating parrots (large parrots), the training it says is much harder. After about 1-2 years, it will learn a few hours but the sound comes out even if the master elaborately repeats it a couple of times a day.In general, want to train a parrot to speak, be very patient, sometimes have to spend up to 3 years. Those who are hot temperament are not able to train the parrot to speak.

According to experience, parrots are easier to talk than bottles. On the outside (the young), the head of the drum is usually square, while the roof of the pelvis is large. When raising parrots, pay close attention to them … dead. The fact that they are mines is not necessarily due to hunger, but to food as a habit. If you find it mined and stuffed food then they will be overgrown and die.It is important to note that raising young parrots is a constraint to holding them because their legs are prone to bending, it is difficult to stand up when grown, making the bird worse. In the sixth month, they begin to teach that they are appropriate. At first, they taught simple gestures, when they were new to teaching. Experienced parrot trainers say that in order to be friendly, they should brush their feet and toes several times a day, as they automatically move their feet to be flawed. is too difficult.

The birds are “sharing” the sad, they can sleep with people, become close friends share and soothe the pain. Perhaps in some countries, parrots have been used to treat psychological traumas, especially for young children.

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