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Have You Ever Seen a White Deer?

Down in southern Mississippi this white deer has been spotted by several people.  My husband was lucky enough to see her on his way to work one morning and actually turned around to get this photo. This photo was taken several years ago but this deer has been spotted as recently as last year in the same area.  I’m just glad she is still alive and not claimed by a hunter for the thrill of it.

If you look closely at the photo you will see a spot of brown on her head, so she is not an albino.  Still, white deer are still pretty unusual and not seen very often.  An albino deer, a bright white deer with red eyes would also have the fallow gene on her hooves and be clear instead of brown.

Have you ever seen a white deer or albino deer? 

Photo Credit:  D. Gros


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Written by Karen Gros

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