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Happy Mother's Day: The Love of a Mother Cat for Her Kitten

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. In celebration of Mother’s Day, how about this heartwarming story of a mother cat.

They say mother’s love knows no boundary for her children. They would all they can to ensure health, happiness and safety for their children.

This is a story of a stray mother cat carrying her kitten to a nearby hospital. It looks like this cat did some research and knew it would get some help at the hospital. The health workers there took the kitten to a room to treat it. The mother followed. Even the mother was diagnosed for any illness.

Talk about mother’s love.

It’s late but happy mother’s day to all the mother’s here on Virily.


What do you think?

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Written by Benny


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    • I guess you are talking about human love which can be a selfish love if too self-directed, but works better when we share and connect to others.

      Now, if God exists, I guess his love does not need to transcend anything. It always just remains a perfect love

      So does love transcend anything, or does it remain always itself, and so it’s more always we that place our me, or the us, into love, and it is the we that takes us or me out of love too at times.

      Love is love. We are love too, when we love, whether as me, or as us.

      If we embrace love, instead of our own ego though, love moves us past me, into us, as you said, so you are right there, after all.

      I just wanted to add some of my own thinking into the mix, as I thought it over a bit.

      • Love is both a construct and a creation. The love of a mother, that is genetic. It is imprinted on most mammals and other animals at birth (not always, there is a sample where imprinting fails).

        you raise an interesting point. But love is not love. Love can be the imprinted short term desire of a mother to sacrifice her own life to save an offspring. Love can be many things.

        • Thanks, I appreciate your reply to me here.

          Can love really be many things, or is it at the top of its mountain only ever itself, pure love, but on the way up to this top, perhaps it has many sides to it, and many diluted other degrees of it are possible, for us to live from.

          So, maybe love sits within God perfectly, but all the rest of creation are striving to achieve, and to reach this same level of love in understanding, and ability of wisdom gained, to eventually be able to live from this level of perfected love too.

          (that is if we really can ever live from that degree of love perfectly like God would, if he really is that type of a perfectly loving God.)

          • love is the concept chased by dreamers, poets. songwriters and writers. i find the discussion of love always ends up with the greek definitions.

            romantic love
            non-romantic love


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