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Gray crow

Gray crow is a medium-sized representative of the Vranov family, with a wide spread in the old world. It is very similar to the Black Crow, which is sometimes considered to be two subspecies of a species. It is noteworthy that both species inhabit certain areas almost non-overlapping with each other. In spring and summer, it feeds mainly on animal food – larvae and adults of insects, lizards, small birds and mammals.

In autumn and winter, plant food is predominant, mainly seeds of agricultural crops and fruit. It inhabits agricultural lands, pastures and meadows with strips of trees and shrubs or single trees, parks and gardens in settlements, towns, villages, villa areas. It is also found around wetlands and in sparse forests. The nest is made of twigs and is usually high on the trees. Old nests of gray crows often occupy day and night raptors. It lays 4-6 eggs, one generation a year in the period March-July.

Gray crow #1

Gray crow #2

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