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Google Map Hike (part 2) ~~~The WATER~~~

For part one of this hike you can click the purple link below.

It starts like this:

My son loves to hike and often invites me and the dogs along. His favorite thing to do is go to Google Maps and find places no one goes…

Sometimes we end up finding the place, but on the maps you cant really tell depth. Some places you would of had to use repelling to get down, or sprout wings. lol.

Other times, it’s wonderful. Like the day below.

Google Map Hike

Now for more of the stream…

I ended the last post with this picture..

The stream runs fast though it doesn’t look that way. It makes the water so clear!

The hazy part in this picture is the sunlight coming through. This is straight out of the camera.

The reflection of the green trees on the water was so intense!

Big trees hanging above created some great shade on such a hot day.

It was so green! I loved the grass..

From under the bridge you can see a trail. We found out it’s a horse trail. Several horses came by and crossed the creek. I couldn’t take pictures because this is the first time the dogs have seen a horse. There was training involved. They did quite well!

“Those big dogs are so fascinating, they even let their people ride on them! They were so big they didn’t even have to swim.”

“The huge dogs went that way..I wonder if I will get that big..”

“Mom says I am safe on the blanket. This is a no horse zone.. “

“Those big dogs are very unsociable, they hardly even looked at me.”

“It didn’t take long and mom released us from a stay. We got to go swimming again!”

The water is so nice! It was hot out there on the trail..

Water dogs… Meika is heading over to the other side, to smell where the horses had just been.

More dog photos..

Meika would love it if we could find a creek with a trail running along side of it. She would swim her way.. lol

The silhouette.

There was a tiny waterfall up stream. You could barely see it. I tried to get to it but the brush was just too thick.

The last one is under the bridge. Have a great day!

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  1. It is so cool how you find these spots that everyone enjoys. Your dogs have to be the happiest! And the reflection in these photos are perfect. With the shade I am sure the water is nice and cool.

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