German Tourists mail back a lost dog tag to its owner in the USA


A dog owner who lost the nametag of his pet while they were visiting Yosemite National Park in California received a letter from tourists from Germany recently who found the nametag and the address of the dog who lost the nametag at the famous park that is located in the central section of California earlier this year.

What makes this story so interesting is that the name of the dog that lost his  dog tag is “Blue”. Normally when someone gets a letter in the mail when they lost an item like a dog tag, the person who receives the note from the person who sent the missing items gets a letter stating that the missing item has been recovered and just giving the person who receives the letter a “Glad To Be Of Service” note.

The names of the tourists from Germany whose names were not released, sent the owner of the dog that lost his dog tag, sent a picture of their dog a male Dalmatian named “Happy” asking Blue’s owner to sent them a note to learn what kind of dog the owner who has his dog tag back, and to see what the dog Blue looks like.

It remains to be seen if Blue’s owner decides to return the note asking what Blue looks like to the German tourists as a way of thanking them for returning the lost dog tag at Yosemite National Park.

The dog in the letter is the Dalmatian named “Happy” who is a six month old male puppy.

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