For the Love of Iguanas

I just love going to the zoo. Among the creatures, I love the best are iguanas. I don’t know one iguana from another but I love the look of them and different colors. These are photos of iguanas I took one summer at the Riga Zoo in Riga, Latvia.

Iguana in the Shade

This iguana seems to be just relaxing and he didn't even blink when I took the photo.

Strange and Green

This iguana sure looked different and love his green color.

Thoughtful Iguana

This one looks like he has a lot on his mind. See how delicately he' s raised his hand. 

Just Hanging Out

This one looks like he has all the time in the world. 

What a Close-Up

Now this one reminds me of those creatures from the Old Hollywood movies. I was getting ready to take the photo and he moved in for a close-up. Nice white shade.

Hello There

This one seems to be saying hello and has a smirk on his face.

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