Flight of the Andean Condor

No, I am not talking about a plane or ship or any such thing. The Andean condor is the largest flying bird in the world. It makes its home in South America. You can find it in the Andean mountains and along the Pacific coasts in the western part of the country. This amazing bird actually weighs 33 pounds and it can keep itself in the air because it has some of the world’s longest wings, The only problem the bird has is that due to its heavy body it takes time for it to get off the ground and airborne.

Once the Andean condor does make it into the wild blue sky it soars and if you look up it will seem that the bird is hang gliding along with the air currents. It soars to be able to look down and find dead animals to eat. During their flight time, these birds only flap about 1 percent of their total flight time. Amazing as it might seem the Andean condor can fly five hours and over 100 miles not flapping its wings once,

Therefore for the Andean condor choosing where to land is extremely important. It will once again have to go through the process of getting airborne once more and a lot of energy is expended during flight time. To help itself the bird must understand how it can use all kinds of atmospheric movements like air bubbles to help it during its flight and to be able to stay up in the sky. So if you every suddenly see a very large shadow around you look up quickly it just might be the Andean condor.


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