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Fish and aquatic creatures from Moscow oceanarium

In January we with my family visited one oceanarium in Moscow. We were highly impressed with the variety of fishes and different aquatic animals, corals, algae, we saw there! It was especially interesting for me – after my Inktober drawings series – to see in person all these gorgeous creatures!

So, I want to share with you a small video, I made there. I rarely make videos but this time I felt, that I should try  Hope you like it! Also I share some photos taken there.

Anemonefishes, Arowana, Lionfish (on cover photo), Spotted knifefish, Cleaner wrasse, Butterflyfishes, Surgeonfishes, Sharks, Seahorse, Starfishes, Xenia coral and many other amazing creatures!

#1 Aquarium fish, aquatic creatures and plants

You can turn the subtitles on or off by clicking on "cc" button on the right bottom.

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#2 House with beasts

This house in the center of Moscow is called "House with beasts". It was built in the beginning of the 20 century and now it houses the oceanarium.

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#3 Red fish

This colorful fish looks like a Coral Grouper... Though I'm not sure 🙂

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#4 Chitala Ornata

Big gray fish is called Clown featherback, clown knifefish, or spotted knifefish. Latin name - Chitala Ornata (featured in video). This stunning tropical fish is native to freshwater habitats in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. (Wiki)

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#5 Corals

Corals are so beautiful!


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