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Entertaining Indoor Cats

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

While browsing on Facebook and playing some games and quizzes on Tuesday night, I clicked on an interesting article about keeping indoor cats entertained. Actually, the topic was interesting but the article actually sucked. So, I decided to make my own list from personal experience with my current cat as well as late cats.

  1. scratchboard and/or scratch post. Cats love to stretch on it as well as scratch it up and sharpen their claws.
  2. cardboard box
  3. brown paper bag
  4. scrunching paper into a ball
  5. Wicker basket are just a form of a cute box. It is more decorative than an old box, and it can also make a cute and comfy bedding when added a blanket and a pillow.
  6. Bath Mats: my pets always liked sleeping on bath mats in the bathroom that they often wore it out. I recently threw one out in the trash, and another I washed in the washing machine.
  7. Collect stray balls from tennis courts and golf courses that go into the streets because pets like playing with tennis balls and golf balls. Just to give a golf ball to a dog because they might swallow such small balls. Usually, I give golf balls to my cat while I used to give tennis balls to my late shihtzus.


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    • although my cat still uses his pet cushions, i guess he mostly likes the stuff with my smell on it now…like my bed, couch, bath mats, or anything i own. i always noticed my current cat, as well as late pets, sleeping in the bathroom. i have to agree with them that i always felt relaxed in the bathroom too.

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