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Einen kleinen Eisbär

I would translate this in to English as “A little polar bear cub” but my translation, while entirely correct, may not be the best, most accurate one. What do you want from me? This is the animals section, not linguistics…

At any rate, here are two versions of a tiny polar bear for all of you who put up with my work all through October even though you thought it was too scary.

#1 watercolor

This is a watercolor of my sleepy little polar bear cub. It looks pale but I've actually used a lot of warm and cool values, some of which are so desaturated that they look grey to you

#2 value study

Here is a monotone study of the cub, who now looks even more sleepy. Note how sparingly I've applied the light values, and even moreso the darks. It is a rather minimalist approach, yet I was able to imply a lot of volume with only three values outside the base tone

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