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Dragon Wings by oscarps

The life cycle of dragonflies, from the egg phase to death in adulthood, ranges from six months to six or seven years. Female dragonflies lay eggs in or near the water, often in floating or emerging plants. When some species are laying eggs in the water, they submerge completely in order to lay their eggs on a good surface, although in some cases, the eggs lay eggs between small cracks of mud or moss.

The male of the dragonfly imposes his rights on a territory near the water and fiercely defends him of all his rivals. When the female arrives, the male modifies his style of flight. Thus, he makes an exhibition to woo his partner, before holding the head with special tweezers located at the end of his abdomen. When it is attached to the male, the female arches her abdomen forward to gather her sexual organs and fertilization occurs. The female lays the eggs near or in the water.

The larvae are ferocious predators, which, through the mask, a retractable arm that they have under the mouth, hunt other animals: tadpoles, fish and even other dragonfly larvae. In the case of males, they have an organ that has as function to remove the sperm that the female could have of the fertilization of other males.


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