Dogs Help to Relieve Stress

Studies have been done that show that having a pet dog can help reduce stress in children. Just by petting the dog, a child starts to calm down. After studying 643 children ages six and seven it was discovered that over an 18 month period children who have pet dogs suffered less from stress than children who had no pets. Simply said a dog helps in a child’s development and mental health.

Having said that I always lived in apartments with my parents and they never wanted the trouble of having a dog. I grew up just fine because what helped me was that I developed a really great imagination and when I drew into my fantasy world it took me out of the real world and that relieved my stress. I think it is great if parents can keep dogs for their children but if they cannot then it is best to let the child’s imagination develop. I almost forgot I did have a dog. It was a red plastic dog with yellow wheels on a leash and it went everywhere with me.

These studies are not totally conclusive and lots of questions still remain. It could be that children do just as well without a dog as long as they have siblings to help occupy their time. If a child is an only child a dog can help them begin conversations however a dog cannot respond back and cannot read them stories. I think it is wonderful if dogs can relieve children’s stress but I still think it is important to help develop a child’s imagination. Also, it is not right to purchase a dog just for this purpose if the dog might be a burden on the owners. So it is best to take everything into consideration beforehand and if the dog can become a loving member of the household then make it part of yours.

My favorite cartoon dog was always Nana who was like a real governess to the Darling children in the Disney movie “Peter Pan”. is a photo of a very friendly dog named Rex who always stopped for a pat and some playtime with me and my husband when were went to the store because he lived in a house that was along the way to the store. 


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  1. Hospitals now leverage therapy dogs for kids and adults facing tough surgery and treatments. Dogs are amazing, they bring so much tot he world.

    Great story – living in NYC i can see why having a dog wasn’t an option.

  2. Dogs help adults too with depression. Those older people stuck at home rely on them for companionship. It also keeps them somewhat active with taking care of them. It gives them a reason to live.

    I have had a dog almost my entire life. Not always as a child but I have rectified that as an adult! I also let my children have pets.


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