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DogGone It!

When your brain is in a fog

Can you remember types of dog?

You’re in luck – I will confide

To you my foolproof doggy guide.

This is all you’ll ever need

For right-on knowledge of the breed.

You’ll want to tell what’s good or trash

Before you part with hard-earned cash.

It’s black and white? Friendly? Jolly?

It well might be a Border Collie.

With loyalty that can’t get better

Could it be an English Setter?

Of companionship you can be sure

If you buy a Labrador.

A long-term friendship will ensue

With a handsome Kerry Blue.

You need a dog to reconnoitre?

It’s obvious – an English Pointer.

It comes up to a midget’s knees?

Possibly a Bichon Frise.

Sharp of bite and strong of muscle?

You’ve got yourself a fierce Jack Russell.

Its coat can be both light and dusky

I refer to the Alaskan Husky.

It looks ideal to mop the floor,

Hairy Hungarian Komondor.

If a spotty dog is your fixation

No choice other than Dalmatian.

It blocks the light and fills the lane?

Can only be a huge Great Dane.

Leaps a burn or brook in one bound?

Sounds like a feisty Irish Wolfhound.

A dog to run round any barrier?

Maybe a beagle or a harrier.

Is there one dog here or two –

The crazy mixed-up Cockapoo?

So there you are, a canine glut

From which to make your choice of mutt.

Now you know just where it’s at –

What do you mean, you want a cat?


What do you think?


Written by Indexer

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    • That is our border collie named Okami – the name is apparently Japanese for “wolf” (it was our son’s idea!). She’ll be looking at me like that before long, when it’s time for her morning walk through the fields!

    • The poem was written for my writing group, which meets every Friday. The challenge this week was for a 40-line poem, so I reckoned that 20 rhyming couplets would do the trick. I was wondering what to write about when the dog told me to hurry up and take her out. Some of the couplets came to me while we were on our walk, meeting several of the breeds mentioned in the poem – and others that just don’t rhyme with anything!

  1. That is a well studied poem. Well done. We have had severa breeds including a Bull Terrier and all were pets par excellence. Some were whose breed could not be determined. The last one Preiti just walked in a wee bit of a pup.

    She grew to be a dignified lady and left us at the age of 12. I could write a book on our beloved Preiti – a perfect companion..

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