Create Your Own Indoor Pet Houses

Thursday, 9.12.19

My cover photo is of my old organizing cardboard boxes that I have had since the early 90s. It has retro daisy design on it. I placed it in the hallway to organize gym items. Gumby D’Arcy the Townhouse Explorer decided to make it his indoor condo. One day, I was searching for him, and I couldn’t find him. I suddenly saw him hiding in these cardboard organizers. He turned it into a small condo by himself, even though he has a six-foot cat tree by the window. 

And eventually when a rescued pet is adopted, you can make your own indoor cat playhouse, even out of cardboard. But I think cats will eventually destroy a cardboard house. So, this cardboard house is a cute temporary indoor house until a new one is bought, maybe of better material. It is likely a new one might be created in the future, after the old one is destroyed. Remember, cats have claws and they enjoy scratching cardboard scratchboards.

If you are rich, then you can afford an expensive indoor cat house.

I have seen this video before. This huge indoor cat playground is very professional.

You can now build your own Catio for your indoor cat or cats in your backyard. Your cats can safely enjoy some fresh air during the daytime when the weather is nice. It even has a cat door so that cats can go inside when they want to, which is connected to the kitchen.

You can do similar dog playground and Doggie Patios, but it probably needs to be much bigger as well as made with stronger material. But I think these a good DIY videos if you are good at carpentry. I don’t know if I can do a good job of building one on my own, even though I am creative. I can probably build smaller things or at least draw it for fun.


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